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Plate Carrier Vests

Plate Carrier Vests


10-8 Tactical Inc. offers plate carriers that strike a balance between lightweight design and robust protection, diverging from the traditional full-body armor vests. These carriers are engineered to support both soft and hard armor plates, providing versatile protection options tailored to different operational requirements. A key consideration in selecting a plate carrier is its durability. The average lifespan of these bulletproof vests ranges from five to ten years, making the quality of materials and construction pivotal for ensuring longevity and consistent performance in demanding situations.

In addition to durability, comfort is a paramount factor in the design of 10-8 Tactical Inc.'s plate carriers.

  • Features

    The goal is to ensure that the armor fits correctly without being too tight or too loose, maintaining wearer mobility and comfort over extended periods. Furthermore, these carriers are equipped with specialized features to enhance their utility. This includes hydration-compatible pockets for ease of carrying water in field operations and MOLLE webbing, which allows for the attachment of additional tactical pouches, thereby expanding the carrier's functionality to meet diverse tactical needs.

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