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Emergency Vehicles Outfitting

Agency Vehicle Outfitting

10 8 is an integrator of Emergency Vehicle Outfitting tailored for GOV/LE/DOT agencies. With a strong commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the unique requirements of low profile UnderCover Vehicles. We take pride in equipping emergency vehicles with cutting-edge technology and field maintainable mobile siren kits to support their critical missions. Our experienced team is dedicated to enhancing the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of emergency and public safety vehicles.

"Red/Red, Red/Blue, Blue/Blue, Amber/Amber, Amber/Clear: Colors of Commitment, Lighting the Way Forward."
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Comprehensive Maintenance


Hard Wire Installations 

Our services include hardwired installation of state-of-the-art emergency lighting, sirens, mobile data terminals, communication systems, and other essential law enforcement equipment. For government agencies, we provide custom outfitting solutions tailored to specific operational needs. Whether it's emergency response vehicles, administrative vehicles, or utility trucks, our expertise covers a wide range of fleet requirements.

Vehicle Augmentation

Prisoner transport, K9, Command vehicles, Special Utility trailers, Metal fabrications works are also performed.


K9 Installation

K9 Unit Vehicle Installment section of 10 8. Ensuring the safety and comfort of our four-legged officers is paramount. Our custom vehicle solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of K9 units, providing them with a secure, comfortable, and efficient environment.

Guardians on Four Legs, Driven by Dedication


Temperature Monitoring Systems: Ensure the safety of your K9 officer with our advanced temperature monitoring systems. Get real-time alerts if the vehicle's interior temperature reaches unsafe levels.

Secure Kennel Compartments: Our custom-built kennels are designed to provide maximum security without compromising comfort. Made with high-quality materials, they are durable and easy to clean.

Safety Lighting: Equipped with specialized lighting to ensure the safety of both the K9 and the handler during nighttime operations.

Easy Access: Designed for quick deployment, our vehicles allow K9 officers to exit swiftly when called into action.

Custom Storage Solutions: Dedicated spaces for equipment, toys, food, and other essentials. Keep everything organized and within reach.



From sirens to communication systems, our outfitting prioritizes safety to support your critical missions.

Government Agency Vehicle Outfitting:

For government agencies, we provide custom outfitting solutions tailored to specific operational needs. Whether it's emergency response vehicles, administrative vehicles, or utility trucks, our expertise covers a wide range of government fleet requirements.
Equipment Procurement:

We offer a carefully curated selection of equipment and accessories designed for government vehicles. Our procurement services ensure that agencies have access to top-quality products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring reliability and performance.
Custom Solutions for Specialized Needs
Our team works closely with government agencies to develop tailored solutions for specialized vehicles and missions. From tactical response units to mobile command centers, we have the expertise to deliver purpose-built configurations.
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Safety Compliance and Certification

Safety is our utmost priority. We ensure that all outfitting adheres to the highest safety standards and relevant certifications, giving government agencies the confidence that their vehicles meet regulatory requirements. 


GSA Approved 

Streamlined procurement process. We are an approved GSA contractor, ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness.
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